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Video Games, AR & VR

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Callum worked in publisher relations at intel, before joining oculus (pre acquisition), where he launched rift and touch as senior developer relations. callum has spent the last 2 years heading up scouting for raw fury, securing new business & opportunities for superhot, and running the partnerships team at caffeine. perpetually under fire from anna - his linkedin is here.


Anna Sweet spent 7 years at Valve growing Steam and launching the HTC VIVE. Then she went to Oculus as Head of Developer Strategy. After that she spent two years as SVP of business, Content & Community at Caffeine. She specializes in product, business, strategy, partnerships & making fun of callum. She’s also a scout for sequoia so she can give you advice on seeking investment and funding. Check her out on Linkedin!


  • Full Game Lifecycle Strategic guidance

  • Funding & Investment strategy

  • Go to Market planning

  • Marketing & Communications positioning

  • Platform & publisher Relationship Management

  • honest & unrelenting project feedback

  • talent & co-development matchmaking

  • mentorship

  • advisory & board positions

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We’ve already worked with a bunch of amazing people & companies in the video game and VR space! Check out some of them below!

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